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Drinking Systems

Providing fresh drinking water is essential to maintaining the health and performance of your animals. We offer a large selection of the most popular options for poultry and swine drinking systems on the market. Whether you need to replace a few nipples on a drinker line or want to upgrade your barn to our No-Spray RIO™ Finishing Nipple we have the items you need to get the job done right. We also stock the most popular brands and sizes of medicators from Dosatron®, Chemilizer® and Gator® along with replacement parts to maintain them in working order. 

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AquaChief™ Pig Water Cup (Base Unit)

AquaChief™ base unit water cup for pigs. Includes stainless steel water cup and 48" stainless steel water pipe with nipple.

Hog Slat® Double Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Hog Slat® stainless steel welded double hog water cups with 50" SS square water pipe and pipe mounting bracket kit. Finishing and Nursery pig sizes available.
From $125.00

Hog Slat® Single Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Hog Slat® stainless steel welded single hog water cups with 50" SS square water pipe and pipe mounting bracket kit. Finishing and Nursery pig sizes available.
From $99.00

Plasson® Broiler Drinker Complete

Plasson drinkers are made of a durable high-impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the environment of an active broiler house for many years.

Brass Swivel Adapter - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" FGHT

Brass swivel adapter with 3/4" FGHT fitting that reduces to 1/2" FPT.

Grower SELECT Water Pressure Regulator 10-25 PSI

GrowerSELECT blue water regulator for managing incoming water pressure between 10-25 PSI.

Hog Slat® Farrowing Water Cup

Hog Slat® 304 stainless steel farrowing water cup with Stingy® Econo nipple. Mounting bolts not included.

Plasson® Breeder Drinker Complete

The Plasson Breeder Drinkers are made of a rugged high-impact plastic, formulated to withstand the use of adult hens and roosters.

1/16" Galvanized Cable - 1 x 7

1/16" galvanized 1x7 aircraft cable.
From $19.84

1/16" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 7

1/16" galvanized 7x7 aircraft cable.
From $44.42

1/8" Solid Braid Poly Cord

1/8" Solid Braid Poly Curtain Cord. 500' or 1000' roll options.
From $16.65

Adjustable Hog Nipple Water Brackets

Adjustable hog nipple water brackets. Available in single and double outlets in either hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel.
From $17.10

Aqua Series 1/2" Finish Water Nipple

The Aqua Series Finishing water nipples feature a viton rubber O-ring and 304 stainless steel spring for extended durability.
From $2.20

Dosatron® Proportioner Venturi Valve

Dosatron proportioner venturi valve, used to properly mix drinking line cleaning solutions and other chemicals at adjustable rates.

Double Outlet 18" Hanging Pig Waterer

Double outlet 18" hanging water drinker for pigs. Available in galvanized and stainless options.
From $10.68

Euro Valve Water Regulator

The Hog Slat Euro Valve allows producers to manage water levels in livestock troughs and tanks without the use of floats, sensors or electricity.

Jobe™ Rojo™ Float Valve

Rojo Float Valves are float operated valves for automatic filling of water storage vessels.

Lubing® OptiGROW Broiler Nipple

Lubing® OptiGROW is the ultimate broiler nipple optimized for growth.

AquaBowl™ Only

The AquaBowl™ is a formed, one-piece stainless steel basin with no sharp corners to injure animals or collect debris. Bowl only.

Jobe™ Megaflow™ Trough Float Valve

Jobe™ Megaflow™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Underwater Mount
From $69.26

Jobe™ Topaz™ Trough Float Valve

Jobe™ Topaz™ Automatic Water Trough Float Valve - Above or Underwater Mount
From $89.95

Pipe Assembly with AquaFlo Trigger NIpple

48" Long Stainless Steel Pipe Complete with AquaFlo Trigger Nipple

1/8" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 19

1/8" galvanized 7x19 extra flexible aircraft cable.
From $69.51

1/8" Galvanized Cable - 7 x 7

1/8" galvanized 7x7 flexible aircraft cable.
From $25.85